Leukemia Diagnosis; May 3, 1987

I woke up around eight o’clock and felt just great. It sure was good sleeping at home, I don’t think I woke up throughout the whole night.

Charlie phoned around nine o’clock thinking that I wasn’t up yet but I was almost ready to go.

I got to the hospital before ten o’clock. Alex wouldn’t take his medicine, so I gave it to him.

We left the hospital after ten o’clock and got home around eleven o’clock. Alex wanted to go to bed he seemed very tired. Alex slept until two or three o’clock.

Alex wanted pizza so Charlie went to Boston Pizza and got a take out.

Alex seemed very tired, I guess his blood count must be down. We ate the pizza and Alex rested some more.

We got back to the hospital before eight o’clock. Alex had his medicine almost right away. I left the hospital around nine o’clock. Alex asked where I was going and Charlie told him I was going to another room in the hospital.

I got home around ten o’clock and it felt okay being in the house by myself. I started to clean up the house. After ten o’clock Shirley phoned, she was at the hospital. She wondered if I wanted some company. I told her okay and she arrived before eleven o’clock.

She said she hadn’t been home all day. Aaron had been complaining about her being out so much. All that does is drive her further away. Shirley stayed until 12:30 a.m. I finished cleaning up and got ready for bed around one o’clock.


Leukemia Diagnosis

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