Leukemia Diagnosis; May 2, 1987

Alex slept pretty good last night. The nurse came to get blood around seven o’clock, and breakfast came not long after. Charlie came around ten o’clock.

Sheila came and asked if we would like to take Alex home on a day pass for Saturday and Sunday. I said that would be great. Sheila went away to make the necessary arrangements.

Alex had his shot before lunch time. I phoned and told Mom that I wanted to stay at the hospital as Alex was to get chemotherapy today, but I didn’t know what time it would be coming.

Charlie left for work. The chemotherapy came around 2:30 p.m., it took about one hour and then they took the I.V. out.

Dr R came and said Alex could go out on a day pass this weekend. I asked when we could go home and he said well we usually keep them in for about twenty eight days but maybe since you live so close Alex could be a day patient. The doctor said he would look at Alex’s chart and decided when Alex could go home. Maybe by the end of next week.

Dinner came not long after and I then phoned Mom and asked if they could come around seven o’clock.

Alex had been quite naughty all day and I needed a break. Mom and Dad came around 6:45 p.m., I went to their house and did our laundry as Alex didn’t have any clothes to wear tomorrow. After I did the laundry, I had a shower. While I was waiting for the laundry to dry I phoned Shirley to let her know we would be going home on a day pass.

I stopped at McDonald’s and got a take out. I got back to the hospital around nine o’clock. Mom said Paul and Laura came to visit Alex and they brought him a small race track Mom said Laura got all chocked up about Alex. Laura said Alex sure is smart in comparison to my son, Robert. You wouldn’t know there is only a few months between them.

Mom and Dad left shortly after I came back.

It really did Alex and I both good to get away from each other. He was a lot better towards me. We got ready for bed around ten o’clock. There were no people in the other beds, so it felt like we were in a private room. Alex didn’t like it too much, he said all his friends had left and he wanted them to come back.


WBC .3
HGB 8.7
Platelets 18,000
ANC WBC too low


Leukemia Diagnosis

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