Leukemia Diagnosis; April 30, 1987

Alex sleeps pretty good now. Charlie came around ten o’clock. We went into the playroom for lunch. Alex eats really well now. It’s so much better eating in there it’s nice and bright.

Alex is getting back to his old self. I figure he’s getter better, he’s become very bossy. He’s really enjoying the freedom and enjoys all the toys in the playroom. He especially likes the toy car and the gas pump.

Mom and Dad came around one o’clock to sit with Alex. I went to our house as Alex wants to eat rice. Charlie had made Congee yesterday and Alex had eaten almost the whole thermos full of it. I went home to make Alex rice pudding I figured he might like something different.

I made the pudding, cleaned up the house and had a shower. I was just getting ready to go when Annie phoned. She said where the heck have you guys been? I told her Alex was in the hospital and he has Cancer. She said stop kidding me, I said I would never kid about something as serious as that. I then told her everything that had happened. After I told her everything she started telling me her troubles as usual, but I cut her off and told her I had to get back to the hospital.

I went and got a take out from White Spot before going back to the hospital. My throat felt sore so I went to the drugstore to buy Dequadin but they didn’t have any. I got back to the hospital around 6:30 p.m. I wore a mask in case I did have a cold. Mom gave me some Tylenol to take.

Mom said Shirley phoned and she would be up later. Before I had finished dinner Shirley came up. We both ended up wearing a mask, she said she felt a cold coming on as well.

Bart, Jolene, Mrs Chew and Carrie came around seven o’clock. They were very understanding and wanted to know all the details. Bart was quite interested in the medication and the therapy as he had Cancer a few years earlier. Carrie and Alex played in the playroom and had a good time playing with all the toys. They left around eight o’clock. Shirley left not long afterwards.

Alex and I got ready for bed around nine o’clock.


WBC .5
HGB 8.7
Platelets 32,000
ANC 75


Leukemia Diagnosis

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