Leukemia Diagnosis; April 28, 1987

It’s hard to believe that it’s a week ago that we heard the terrible news. So many things have happened, I feel like I’ll never be the same.

The nurse came and took blood before eight o’clock. Breakfast came not long after. Alex is eating better now. Lunchtime we go to the playroom and Alex eats in there.

Alex went to the gym down on the main floor. He’s not suppose to do anything as he could bleed internally. Alex enjoys the playroom, at least he can play with little cars and some of the other toys while he is still in the wheelchair.

I asked to have Alex moved to the bed beside the window, it would give us a little more privacy. The nurse said it would be okay. Mom and Dad came just a bit later and helped me move Alex’s stuff.

I went home as Alex wanted some steamed rice. I cleaned up the house and did some laundry.

I’ve been having trouble eating since last week. My stomach feels like it is in a knot. I don’t really eat my meals. I don’t feel like cooking anything when I’m home and I don’t buy anything. Shirley left us snack food which I’ve been eating mostly.

I went back to the hospital around five o’clock. Alex’s I.V. stopped gain, the doctors decided it would be okay to leave it out. Dr B came in to see Alex. She asked if Dr R had come to see me. She said he would be in later. He usually comes around in the afternoon, so I usually miss him.

Dr B said Alex is responding to the medicine quite well and he might be able to go home in about a week or so. She said his platelet count was around 46,000 and the number of Cancer cells had gone from 11,950 to 18.

Dr B felt for Alex’s spleen and liver and said she couldn’t feel them. She seemed really amazed at how fast they had gone down.

Mom was upset as Alex wouldn’t eat any dinner. Dad said all Alex would do was lay in bed he hardly even moved. Alex seemed to perk up once I was there. We got ready for bed around nine o’clock.


WBC .7
HGB 7.5
Platelets 52,000
ANC 112
Blasts 0


Leukemia Diagnosis

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