Leukemia Diagnosis; April 27, 1987

I had a pretty good sleep. Alex woke up a few times in the night.

The nurse came for blood around eight o’clock and then breakfast came. They gave Alex a shot around eleven o’clock. The nurse said he’ll have to have a shot three times a week.

Mom and Dad came in the afternoon. I went to their house and made a few phone calls. I phoned Dr. W (our md) to tell him the results but they couldn’t put me through. Then I phoned Nora, I found that really difficult telling her. I almost broke down and cried. I phoned Joan and I was able to keep myself in control. Being as close as we are I was able to tell her a lot which eventually helps to relieve some of my pain.

I went back to the hospital around five o’clock, Charlie had gone to work.

We got ready for bed around nine o’clock.


WBC .7
HGB 8.2
Platelets 11,000
ANC 126
Blasts 0


Leukemia Diagnosis

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