Leukemia Diagnosis; April 26, 1987

What a night I had. Alex woke up at 12:30 a.m. and decided he wanted to talk. He kept me up until four a.m., I finally fell asleep and then around 4:45 a.m he woke me up , I looked at his I.V. machine and there were no lights on it. I called the nurse and she said oh it’s probably because it’s not plugged in. She then looked at it and said oh shoot. She turned to Alex and asked him if he turned it off and he hid under the covers. I finally got out of him that he had decided he didn’t want anymore medicine so he turned off the machine. After that we both fell asleep.

The nurse came around eight o’clock for blood work and then we had breakfast.

I was so tired I felt ill. Alex’s I.V. stopped functioning just after eight o’clock and they had to put it in another spot. I told Alex he shouldn’t have turned the I.V. machine off, if he had left it alone he wouldn’t have had to have another poke. The nurse said I shouldn’t have said that but he has to understand the reason they had to change the I.V.

Since Friday Alex has been taking Prednisone three times a day. The nurse let me sample a drop to let me see how terrible it was and it was disgusting! No wonder Alex hates it.

Mom and Dad came in the afternoon and sat with Alex.

Shirley came in the morning but she had to meet someone so she didn’t stay too long.

Charlie and I came home. I worked around the house and had a shower. Then we went to Toy City and bought Alex a couple of cassette tapes. We went for dinner and were at the hospital around six o’clock.

Alex’s legs are still bothering him.

Charlie stayed until eleven o’clock, I was so tired I didn’t even know he had gone I was fast asleep.


HGB 9.5
Platelets <10,000
ANC 60
Blasts 12


Leukemia Diagnosis

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