Leukemia Diagnosis; April 25, 1987

Alex is still waking up in the night crying. He wants me to hold him. I usually leave my hand on his chest and he feels much better. Alex usually soaks the bed at night and I have to get the nurse to come and help me. The whole bed needs to be striped down. This is because he is on an I.V., it’s a lot of fluids for a little body.

The nurse came to take blood and then breakfast came. Alex is still not eating very much. Shirley phoned around ten o’clock and said she would try and come up.

Charlie figured Shirley could drive in, take me home and we would both drive back if she wanted to come in. Then Charlie could stay with Alex and I could have a nap at home. Charlie phoned Mom to tell her that they didn’t need to come and he told her the plan. She told Charlie to tell me to phone back in 30 minutes.

I phoned back and she said she didn’t understand what Charlie was talking about. So I explained everything and she said well we are retired and then she went on to say if we’re not wanted or needed that was fine!

I told Charlie and said you better phone Mom back. He did and Mom and Dad came around one or two o’clock. Charlie, Shirley, Brent, Monique and myself (they came around twelve thirty) went home in Charlie’s car as Shirley wanted to leave her car in town.

Charlie dropped me off and drove Shirley home. Brent was sick first at the hospital and then in Charlie’s car. Brent was having trouble dealing with Alex’s illness and he made himself physically ill. Shirley said he’s had a weak stomach for along time and when he gets upset he throws up.

It sure was depressing being in the house with no one. Kelly (our dog)was at Mom and Dad’s since Thursday so the house was empty. I didn’t do much I just wandered around the house. I phoned Joan but she was out. Then I phoned Blair, I found it very hard to keep in control. I told Blair I had to catch my breath as I was sure I would break down.

Blair was quite sympathetic which helped me and made me feel better. Charlie came back and I then had a shower and got dressed. I called Shirley around four o’clock and said I would pick her up shortly.

I picked Shirley up and we were to meet Charlie for dinner at P. J. Cafe. Shirley said Charlie talked all the way home last night, which I was glad as I was worried he wouldn’t talk to anyone about it. It really helps in this kind of situation to talk to people about Alex and his condition.

We got to the hospital around six o’clock. We just missed Jeff and Martina. They brought Alex 6 balloons, Alex sure was happy to have so many balloons. Mom and Dad left and Shirley and I sat with Alex while Charlie went to the parents lounge.

Alex’s legs are still bothering him. All we can do is rub his legs, use the hot water bottle and give him Tylenol.

Shirley left around nine o’clock, Charlie left around ten or eleven o’clock. We got read for bed.


WBC 3.4
HGB 11.0
Platelets 22,000
ANC 391
Blasts 1785


Leukemia Diagnosis

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